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  • Complete certified translation package: PDF copy, 2 paper copies ready to submit, first class mail service included!
  • or PDF copy only for you to print and submit
  • Certification in accordance with U.S. government regulations
  • Notarization Available


  • No stress, no worries!  Something not right?  Let us know and we'll make it right! Guaranteed!

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How to Order Your Certified Translation

  • Choose language/country from list or click on "order now" button below
  • Choose Certificate/Document Type and service needed (PDF only or Full Service)
  • Order securely with credit/debit card/Paypal
  • Upload your document 

(You may also email to document@uscts.net)

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Why You Should Choose US Certified Translation Service

At US Certified Translation Service preparing Certified Translations is our business; in fact it is our only business. We prepare legal and official and legal translations for all Federal, State & local governments including United States Homeland Security, United States Department of State, US Citizenship and Immigration Services (immigration). We prepare translations of all foreign language certificates and documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates and judgments, death certificates, no criminal background certificates, and adoption documents. We specialize in preparing word-for-word, accurate translations of educational transcripts, diplomas and certificates for credentials evaluation.  Our translations are known and recognized by all institutions and agencies, and always accepted. We guarantee it!

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