If you make a payment in error, for example, click on payment button more than once by accident, we will refund the payment made in error as soon as it is discovered.

If you change your mind before we begin work on your project, we will refund your payment minus credit card processing fees (10%); however, ordering a translation is not like buying a television. You can`t just take it back for a refund. It is more like having your house painted. Once the painter starts work, if you change your mind, you have to pay the painter for the work he has completed.

If you change your mind after we have started work on your project, we will not be able to provide you with a full refund because we will have to pay the translator, proofreader and formatter for work completed up to that point. If the translation is completed, we can only refund that portion which applies to final administrative costs. Please note that the largest portion of your payment is for translation, proofreading and formatting. If the certified translation is fully prepared and ready to be mailed to you and you change your mind for whatever reason, there can be no refund because all work is complete and all workers have to be paid.

If after you receive a translation, you are not completely satisfied with a translation for which you have paid please see our guarantee page.

If you have any questions, contact us.