Do you ever wonder what type of a company you are dealing with?  

In today's world, anyone, anywhere in the world, can start an internet company selling anything or performing almost any type of activity.  When you buy something on line, like a certified translation, that is delivered on line (not mailed), you don't know if that translation came from India, China or a legitimate company in the United States.

Some people have asked us, "How do we know you are who you are?  How can we trust you?"  Well, take a look at our credentials:

US Certified Translation Service is the "DBA" (doing business as) name of 1World Resources, Inc., a Corporation registered in the State of Florida, on May 1, 2003, under document number P03000048319. 

Our DBA name is registered in the State of Florida under # G06298900374.

US Certified Translation Service is licensed in the City of Melbourne, Florida under license # BTR 22178, and in Brevard County, Florida under license # 885032801.

1World Resources, Inc. doing business as "US Certified Translation Service" is a corporate member of the American Translators Association.  Our membership number is 243653.