We are often asked how does the translation process work?  Our goal is to prepare an error free, beautifully formatted translation of your document or certificate.  We try to do this as quickly and as accurately as possible, and most one-page certificates are completed in 1-2 business days.

Here's how the translation process works at USCTS after we receive your order:

1. A translator will be selected to prepare the translation.
2. When the translator completes the translation, we will proofread and format it as closely as possible to the original document.
3. We will prepare a confirmation copy, and upload it to your order status page for your review and confirmation.  If you have any inputs, we will resolve them with you before proceeding.
4. After you confirm the translation, we will prepare the final translation and certify it in accordance with US government requirements.  If you ordered notarization, the notary will sign and seal the document.
5. We will upload the PDF copy of your certified translation to your order status page, and if you ordered a paper copy, we will mail it to you by the mail service you ordered.