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Certified Translation of Diploma and Transcripts

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You've worked hard in school and you are proud of your accomplishments. Now that you are in the United States, you want to continue your education and you need certified translations of your academic credentials whether they are grade school, high school, college, university or an advanced professional degree such a medical or pharmaceutical. If you have an advanced professional degree, you will need to submit your certified translation to a licensing board in order to practice in your profession.

To do accomplish any of these activities you will have to go through a two-step process: have USCTS prepare a perfect certified translation of your documents and then have them professionally evaluated.  Please read about the translation process for academic documents.  Click here.

US Certified Translation Service will ensure that the first step is accomplished quickly, professionally and at an economical cost. It is important to understand that our job is to prepare a word-for-word translation. We cannot evaluate the coursework or degree as that resonsibility belongs to the university or evaluation company. We can provide some localization, but we cannot legally evaluate the information. We guarantee that the certified translation that we prepare of your academic credentials will be accepted by universities, colleges and credential evaluation companies. We Guarantee It!!

Join the thousands of people we count as happy clients, and order the certified translation of your Diploma and Transcripts from USCTS. Click on the Get a Free Quote Button! We guarantee you will be happy you did!

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