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Custom Translation Quote

Preparing a Custom Translation Quote

How USCTS Prepares Custom Quotes

Here is how USCTS prepares the custom quote for your project.  We consider the following items, each of which contributes to the cost.  We put a lot of effort into preparing a quote that is fair to our clients and translators, and allows USCTS to continue to grow to serve our clients better.

  1. Project type. - Is it a certificate like a birth certificate or simply formatted text such as a divorce judgment.
  2. Project size. - We evaluate each page to determine the amount of translation required as well as the amount of formatting required.
  3. Subject matter. - A birth certificate will require a different level of  competence than a involved divorce judgment.  The more complex the subject matter, the more we have to pay the translator to do the job.
  4. Formatting. - All certified translations have to be formatted as closely as possible to the original.  A civil registry birth certificate may have complex formatting with many boxes and tables, stamps and seals  A divorce judgment may be simply a narrative that requires little if any formatting. 
  5. Type delivery. - USCTS offers PDF only delivery as well as PDF copy plus paper copies.  The paper copies are color printed on 24lb, high quality paper and mail in cardboard envelopes to help reduce damage to the translations.  We mail them by First Class mail.  Printing and mailing have to be figured in to the quote..

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