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USCTS translates ALL certificates/documents from Uruguay. If your certificate/document is not listed below, request a quote. Click here.

Complete full-service translation package available too! 

Prices shown include: translation, formatting, certification.   Notarization is available for only $15 per document    Do I need Notarization??

If you need a translation for your Department of Motor Vehicles or any other state, county or city agency, please click here before ordering.

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Certificate/Document Price (in $) Quantity
UY 01 - Birth Certificate - Front Only
PDF copy by email only. No paper copies.
UY 02 - Uruguayan Birth Certificate - Front Only
Full Service - PDF copy, 2 paper copies, free mail service.
ZZ 01 - Extra Certified Copy With Order (per document per copy) 10
ZZ 02 - Notarization of Translation (per document) 15

If your certificate or document is not listed, please click here to request a quote

You may upload your document immediately after ordering!

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